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SchmalriedeThe zinc-nickel alloy with topcoat

The zinc-nickel-procedure is the winner of the top class in the corrosion prevention. The Schmalriede-Zink Ltd. in Ganderkesee applies a zinc nickel-alloy system suitable for the temperature-loaded parts. This system is used in the automotive industry, electric industry, the devices and the metal-processing industry as well as in the mechanical engineering.

>Zinc-nickel alloy with topcoat / dark layer qualities
Zinc-nickel alloy with topcoat / dark layer qualities

Already with the low layer editions of six µ m the produced zinc-nickel alloy (with 12 to 15 percent of Nickel / DIN 19598) offers an extremely high corrosion prevention. The high-protective ability is particularly effective with the temperature load, litter salt load and climate load.

A zinc-nickel alloy with topcoat shows an especially high corrosion prevention. That is of a great importance in particular in the automobile industry. Furthermore, the layer prevents contact corrosion with aluminium and its alloys.

The plus points in a nutshell

  • Chrome-VI-free (clear or black passivated + topcoat)
  • No loss of the corrosion prevention by thermal load (120°C / 24h)
  • 960 hours of SS test after DIN EN ISO in 9227
  • Ductile layer qualities
  • Steady layer education